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A Love For Seniors was a God send for me and my parents. I reached out to the company after contacting another widely advertised agency.
Francesca and Janet were amazing. They listened to me very carefully as I explained my parents current situation and how I wanted to proceed slowly with the suggestion of moving to an assisted living
facility. Francesca contacted my parents and help them visit three assisted living facilities. At no time did they feel pressured to accept the most expensive location.
My parents took a couple of weeks to decide if they wanted to move. Francesca provided all the necessary paperwork and explained the process to me and them repeated it to my parents on a separate call. I
was so appreciative of her understanding that the information needed to be repeated so I could make sure my parents understood everything. We were never pressured and felt only genuine caring and support for a family transitioning to a new way of life.
I will be recommending working with this wonderful team of ladies to others.