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As you get older, the aging process becomes more relevant in your every day life. Staying on top of your health and keeping up with your wellness becomes a key factor to staying healthy. There are many benefits too living a healthy lifestyle and you don’t have to wait to start. You can start NOW!

Below are some simple tips to follow:

Live an active life- get out and exercise. Find something that gets you moving that you and enjoy and engage in it 5-7 times a week. A simple walk around the neighborhood with your dogs or riding a stationary bike can be beneficial.

Make sure that you get enough sleep– sleep aids in the recovery process and resets/heals your body. Sleep is very important when it comes to healthy aging.

Eat healthy foods- maintaining a healthy diet will create a lifestyle for you that is EASY! Lots of fruits and veggies will aid in digestion and also keep blood sugar levels stable, making sure to keep type 2 diabetes away.

Create healthy relationships- whether it be with your family, friends or neighbors, engage in friendly conversations and hold on to valuable relationships. It will benefit you in the long run.

See your doctor often- doctor visits are key to making sure you are staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do not be afraid of the doctors! They are there to help you and aid you with a healthy aging process.

Keep stress levels to a minimum- believe it or not, stress can do an exponential amount of damage to your body. Provide yourself with alternatives to stress, such as calming music, planning ahead or simply expressing with someone how you’re feeling.